Víctor Escandell
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Professional career
Born in Ibiza and graduated in Graphic Design by Massana School of Barcelona, ​​began his professional career as illustrator in 1989 working for the animation production company D’Ocon Films Productions.
For more than 15 years, has collaborated with El Periódico de Catalunya, and he has also illustrated El Mundo, El País and La Vanguardia newspapers.
Since 1994 he has collaborated with the many advertising agencies, illustrating graphic and TV campaigns, both nationally and internationally (Lateral Branding, McCann Erickson, Delvico Bates, TBWA, Euro RSCG, Bassat/Ogylby, SCPF*, FMRG, Casadevall Pedreño, Morera Design, etc.).
In the publishing world he has published numerous illustrated books, both for children and adults (Fischer, Promopress, Planeta deAgostini, Medical Trends, The Galera, Parramón, Thames & Hudson, Dwie Siostry, Teide, Contrapunto, Versos y trazos, Bang!, La Oveja Roja, PAU, etc.), and thanks to his varied stylistic registers, he also collaborates as illustrator for institutions and companies.
In 1998, he founded Alehop, a graphic design and illustration estudio.
He has been awarded several times for his work in prizes as: Junceda, Anuaria, Daniel Gil and ÑH05 of Journalistic Design.
In 2007 he was selected as Catalan-speaking author by the Institut Ramon Llull for the exhibition of illustrators at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2017 he has been selected as a Balearic author by the Institut Ramon Llull and the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics, for the exhibition of illustrators at the Bologna Book Fair.

Awards and Mentions
• Junceda Illustration Award, 2006. Best Textbook. “Guía de la Salud”, Semfyc publishing house.
• Anuaria Award, 2006. Diploma. Best book design “*Normal y corriente”.
• Daniel Gil Award, 2007. Diploma. Illustration category “*Normal y corriente”.
• Selected as catalan author by the Institut Ramón Llull for the Catalan illustrators exhibition at Frankfurt Book Fair 2007.
• Anuaria Award, 2008. Diploma. Miscellaneous category. “Spain” Postcard Series, Escudo de Oro.
• Awards ÑH05 of journalistic design Spain / Portugal 2008. Interior pages and supplement cover.
• Junceda Illustration Award, 2009. Finalist. Advertising category. Karcher TV spot.
• Junceda Illustration Award, 2009. Finalist. Multimedia category. Promotional video for international fair IFEST.
• Junceda Illustration Award, 2011. Finalist. Adult illustrated book category. “Sinsonte” graphic novel.
• Anuaria Awards 2013.  Selected. Miscel·lánea section. “Espiritu de Aventura” app.
• Junceda Illustration Award, 2013. Finalist. Adult illustrated book category. “Déjà vu” book, La Galera publishing house.
• Enderrock Award, 2013. Finalist Best Cover CD. Musical group “Projecte Mut”.
• Enderrock Award, 2014. Finalist Best Cover CD. Musical group “Projecte Mut”.
• Enderrock Award, 2015. Finalist Best Cover CD. Musical group “Projecte Mut”.
• Selected as balearic author by the Institut Ramón Llull for the Catalan illustrators exhibition at Bologna Book Fair 2017.
• Junceda Illustration Award,  2017. Best adult fiction book. “El Niño Nada”, Bang! editions.

– The Fall of the House of Usher (Apache Libros, 2017).
– Enigmas (Zahorí de ideas, catalan-spanish-Spain, / Seuil, France / Clavis, Holland / Debit, Poland, 2017).
– Romancero gitano ilustrado (Mil coeditores, Spain, 2017).
– The Resourceful Artist (Promopress, Spain, USA, Italy, France, 2017).
– El Niño Nada (Bang Ediciones, Spain, 2016).
– Monsters of the World (Promopress, Spain, Italy, USA, 2016).
– The adventure of thinking (Paidotribo, Spain, 2015).
– Dinosaurios (Promopress, Spain, 2015).
– Dinosaurs: My Beastly Activity (T&H, England, 2015).
– L’aventure de la pensée (Parramon France, France, 2015).
– Das verrückte Tier-Kritzelbuch (Fischer Sauerländer, Germany, 2015).
– El gran libro de los gigantes (Paidotribo, Spain, 2015).
– Mon grand livre des géants (Parramon France, France, 2014).
– A Wonderful World of Animals: (T&H, England, 2014).
– Je m’appelle Jules Verne (Parramon France, France, 2014).
– Benim Adim Jules Verne (Altin Kitaplar, Turkey, 2014).
– Animalotes (Promopress España, 2014).
– Fear Out! (Parramón, Spain, 2014).
– That I started the party! (La Galera, Spain, 2012).
– 150 sets for proper stimulation (Parramón, Spain, 2012).
– Dèjá vu (La Galera, Spain, 2012).
– 101 leerrijke spelletjes voor baby’s on peuters (Deltas, Nether, 2012).
– The horseshoe (La Oveja Roja, Spain, 2011).
– Petits jeux d’éveil (Chantecler, France, 2011).
– Sinsonte (Versos y Trazos, Spain, 2010).
– Cuento de la Alhambra (Versos y trazos, Spain, 2010).
– Hansel & Gretel (Parramón, Spain, 2010).
– La musique pour les jeunes (Oskar, France, 2010).
– Música para niños (Parramón, Spain, 2010).
– The science pour les jeunes (Oskar, France, 2009).
– El Tesoro de la laguna (Versos y trazos, Spain, 2009).
– Ciencia para niños (Parramón, Spain, 2009).
– El príncipe sapo (Versos y trazos, Spain, 2008).
– Zabawa z dzieckiem (SBM, Poland, 2007).
– Normal y corriente (Alehop, Spain, 2006).
– Me llamo Julio Verne (Parramón, España, 2004).
– Monstruos queridos (Parramón, Spain, 2003).
– ¡Vamos a jugar! (Parramón, Spain, 2003).
– Masajes para niños (Parramón, Spain, 2003).

Wall Street International.
El Mundo – El Niño Nada.
El Periódico – El Niño Nada.
El Periódico – Sinsonte.
El Mundo de Catalunya.
El Diario de Ibiza.
Lìlla dels llibres.
Fahrenheit77 (Radio)
El Periódico – Junceda Illustration Award, 2017.
El País – Junceda Illustration Award, 2017

– Premis Junceda 2017 (Barcelona, 2017).
– CentroCentro (Madrid, 2017).
– MOMIX Festival (France, 2017).
– Bologna Book Fair (Italy, 2017)
– Las cosas de Martínez (Barcelona, 2016).
– Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid, 2015).
– Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany, 2007).
– La Caixa Foundation (Ibiza, 1993).
– La Caixa Foundation (Premià de Mar, 1990).